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When shopping for a home loan in Los Angeles, one versatile option to consider is a conventional loan, also known as a conforming loan. A conventional loan conforms to the limits established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for financing. So long as the amount you need to borrow to purchase a home falls under those limits, conventional financing is a possibility.

What Are the Conventional Loan Limits for Los Angeles?

As of 2019, here are the conventional loan limits for LA:

One Unit Limit:


Two Unit Limit:


Three Unit Limit:


Four Unit Limit:


Many homes in the Los Angeles metropolitan area can be purchased with conventional financing. Conventional loan limits in some of the surrounding counties are lower.

For example, here are the 2019 conventional loan limits in Riverside:

One-Unit Limit:


Two-Unit Limit:


Three-Unit Limit:


Four-Unit Limit:


If you are not sure what the conforming loan limits are in the area where you are shopping for a home, I can let you know the applicable caps for conventional financing.

There are, of course, many Los Angeles homes that require more financing than you can receive through a conventional loan. For those properties, consider applying for a jumbo loan.

What Will You Qualify for When You Apply for a
Conventional Loan in LA?

The interest rate and terms governing a conventional loan in Los Angeles depend on your qualification criteria. When extending you loan offers, lending companies evaluate:

Your credit score as well as your debt-to-income ratio and other important financial measures.

The down payment amount that you can make.

Your financial history.

Factors involving your employment.

The more competitive you are as a borrower, the more affordable loan offers you will receive.

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I am a mortgage broker, which means that I partner with many mortgage lenders throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This is what allows me to bring you as many conventional loan offers as possible so that you can choose the most competitive one. This is a big timesaver for you, and can also save you money over the lifetime of your loan.

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