Hard Money Loans
in Los Angeles

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Need to get a loan, but don’t qualify for prime financing? Have strong credit, but do not have the time to apply through the traditional prime process?

It is my belief that there is a loan for everyone. That is why I offer hard money loans in LA.

Los Angeles Hard Money Loan Benefits

Qualification for a hard money loan doesn’t require perfect credit. This type of loan is secured to collateral.

With their looser qualification criteria, hard money loans have a faster and simpler application process.

Prepayment penalties are often not included with this type of financing.

How You Can Use a Hard Money Loan in LA

There are so many ways you can make use of a hard money loan, whether you are buying a home for yourself or you are investing in real estate.

With a hard money loan, you do not have to qualify for prime financing to obtain real estate.

You can boost your credit score by taking out a hard money loan and paying it off on time and in full.

With their fast application process and lack of prepayment penalties, hard money loans are ideal for fix and flip and other short-term purchases.

You can use a hard money loan to finance a buy and hold investment.

A hard money bridge loan may be in order if you need to finance a down payment on one home while you are in the process of selling the other.

Apply Now for a Hard Money Loan in Los Angeles

Whether you are in need of a loan with lower credit qualifications or you are looking to breeze through a simple, fast application process, a hard money loan may be the ideal option. If you have questions or would like to apply now for a hard money loan now, please call (818) 601-2231 to schedule your consultation.

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