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Los Angeles is a spectacular place to call home. You’ll be in the heart of one of the most diverse and vibrant urban centers in the world, close to Hollywood, Disneyland, and the sparkling Pacific waves. As this is a competitive real estate market, it is extra important to take your time to choose the right kind of loan.

There is no single “best” loan for all customers—simply the best loan for your needs. I believe that every customer can be matched with that loan, and I have made it my work to do exactly that. As a mortgage broker partnering with a wide network of trusted lenders, I am able to connect you to a much broader range of lending products than you would find at a big bank.

Below, you can see what types of loans you can apply for.

Types of Los Angeles Home Purchase Loans


If you need financing which falls under the cap established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for conforming loans, you can apply for a conventional loan. Fixed and adjustable mortgage rates are offered.

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An FHA loan is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). This allows lenders to offer you a down payment as low as 3.5%, affordable mortgage rates, reduced closing costs, and additional benefits.

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Available to veterans, active-duty service members, and eligible spouses, this loan carries zero down payment and no PMI requirement. Low interest rates and other excellent benefits make it an affordable choice now and in the future.

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A USDA rural housing loan backed by the US Department of Agriculture may allow you to move into a home with zero down payment in select areas.

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For customers in need of more financing than a conventional loan can provide, a jumbo loan is an option. Interest rates on jumbo loans can be in line with those for conforming mortgages.

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Hard Money

A hard money loan can help you move into a home in Los Angeles if your credit score doesn’t qualify you for a prime mortgage. Hard money loans are an ideal choice for short-term financing as well, even when credit qualification is not an obstacle.

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Fix and Flip

Fix and flip conveniently and affordably with the help of this specialized financing product.

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What Type of Home Purchase Loan Do You Need?

How do you know which type of home purchase loan is the right one for you? Here are some things to consider:

Your credit score, debt-to-income-ratio, annual income amount, employment status, and other financial details. These will influence what you qualify for.

The location where you are purchasing a home, the value of that home, and other details pertaining to it. These too will impact qualification for a loan.

The down payment amount you can afford, the loan term you are looking for, and other loan features which are important to you.

Why Work With Shannon Christenot on Your Home Purchase Loan?

I am a mortgage broker with more than 20 years of experience. Over the years I have worked on this industry, I have built a huge network of lenders. I can offer you aggressive rates and cost-saving programs you won’t find at the big banks.

I love LA, and I know the housing market inside and out. With that in-depth expertise, I’ll work with you to make sure you don’t miss a single opportunity.

The diversity of Los Angeles is a big deal to me. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is being able to work with customers from every walk of life. Whether you are a traditional employee or you work for yourself, whether you are a first time homebuyer or you are shopping for your next home, I am a problem solver who can match you with the right mortgage.

I’m extremely personable—not your stuffy banker type. No, seriously! I love building relationships with my customers, and I strive to make the mortgage process as clear, simple and enjoyable as possible. I value getting to know you and helping you to achieve your dreams.

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