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Mortgage rates in Los Angeles can be volatile. When you first took out your home loan, maybe the rate you were quoted was highly competitive. But in today’s market, it may no longer represent a good value.

If your new neighbors are paying lower interest rates on their mortgages today, you may think to yourself, “If only I could capitalize on today’s low rates...”

With a home refinance in LA, you can do exactly that.

Benefits of a Home Refinance in Los Angeles

If you refinance your Los Angeles home, you can:

Take advantage of lower interest rates. You could soon be saving money every month.

Convert your adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) into a fixed rate mortgage, or vice versa.

Shorten your loan term if you prefer to finish paying your mortgage early without a penalty.

Extend your loan term so that you have longer to finish paying on your home. This also can reduce what you owe each month. That means you can sock more away in savings, or keep up better with the rest of your bills.

Negotiate other loan terms to your satisfaction. You may be able to tailor your mortgage to your needs more effectively today if your credit score and other financial markers have improved since you first took out your loan.

Is This the Right Time for a Los Angeles Refinance?

Here are some indications that this might be the ideal time to refinance your mortgage in LA:

Have mortgage rates dropped below what you are paying right now? Refinancing at a lower rate could save you money every month.

Has your borrower risk profile improved since you first took out your mortgage? With a higher credit score or lower debt-to-income ratio, you may qualify for a more competitive loan.

Have your income levels changed (for better or for worse)? A refinance may be in order.

Will you be staying in your home for a longer or shorter time period than you originally planned? Refinancing may make your loan more affordable and/or improve financial stability.

What Our Clients Say

Tony Bilby
Tony Bilby
03:09 07 Mar 20
Shannon and her team were professional, competent, and swift when it came to the lending associated with my home purchase. We were able to get the loan approved and close on a house in less than 30 days. Record time!read more
Joshua Barton
Joshua Barton
16:05 23 Nov 19
I have had the pleasure of working with Shannon for 8 years - her knowledge of the mortgage process and attention to clients is unparalleled. The Los Angeles market can be tricky with high dollar homes and unique income of the Entertainment Industry, but Shannon takes charge and leads everyone through to successful closings like clock work - cannot recommend her enough a true Rock Star in Mortgage more
Lauren S
Lauren S
04:52 18 Oct 19
Working with Shannon was a real pleasure. She was always available and got back to me promptly with any necessary information. I was able to refinance my mortgage at a rate considerably lower than another larger company quoted who I had started working with. I look forward to working with Shannon again and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a competent and decent mortgage more
Mike White
Mike White
02:15 27 Sep 19
As first time home buyers we had no idea what we were doing. We were pre-approved by a well known company but quickly discovered that we absolutely did not want to work with them for the actual mortgage. Shannon was recommended to us by a friend and I called on a Saturday morning. By Saturday evening we were well on our way to buying a house (we closed three days ago!). Shannon made navigating these foreign waters so easy, answering all of our newbie questions with patience and grace. Plus she got us a fantastic rate. We are so grateful for Shannon and can not recommend her enough. WE OWN A HOME!!read more
Alaine Smith
Alaine Smith
13:15 26 Sep 19
It was wonderful working with Shannon! She is attentive, thorough, and intelligent. It was easy to communicate with her because she took time to hear and understand my goals and always responded quickly. I highly recommend her to anyone looking. The customer service she provides exceeds expectations by a long shot! Thank you, Shannon, for all your help!read more
Julie Mckay
Julie Mckay
17:20 28 Aug 19
I just purchased my first home! Shannon and her team were truly a dream to work with. I was never left in the dark and she was always quick to respond with all of my questions. My experience couldn't have been easier. I highly recommend Shannon and would use her again in a heartbeat! She is the BEST!read more
jojo quijada
jojo quijada
19:55 27 Aug 19
I've been in the real estate business for over 5 years now, and I always trust Shannon to work with my clients. She and Josh are an AMAZING TEAM! Buyers love to work with Shannon as she gets things done asap and answer any and every question/concern. I couldn't recommend a better person for lending. Can't thank her enough!!read more
Rotimi Ayanbeku
Rotimi Ayanbeku
20:12 15 Aug 19
I always go back to Shannon because she is one of the best in the business! I've worked with Shannon over the years, however, she outdid herself in my last deal. She was so professional, caring and effective that my clients were comparing everyone else in the deal to Shannon. More importantly, we were ready to fund in less than two weeks. Once again, Shannon affirmed my belief in her that she always rises to the occasion. Thank you for being the best!read more
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